Programme changes

Why change your programme of study?

If you are unhappy with your current programme of study it may be possible to transfer (change) to another programme of study by completing a programme transfer form.

Applications should be sent electronically. Forms sent by post may take longer to respond to.

This decision should not be taken lightly and it is essential that you understand the implications that this may have for your chosen career path. Help and advice is available from:

and there is information about the welfare and wellbeing support services available.

We advise you to discuss your options with your personal tutor and then speak to the Admissions Tutor for the School you wish to join.

How to change programme

You will need to complete a Transfer of Degree Programme Form (found below) which must be signed by the School you are leaving (Section B of the form) and the School you are joining (Section C of the form). Once the form is complete, it will be sent across to to

All programme transfer requests submitted by Tier 4 students are referred to the International Student Team (IST) for assessment against the Tier 4 Sponsor Guidance. The IST must adhere to the Immigration Rules when considering programme transfers, and therefore require sufficient time to assess a form and advise a student of the outcome. It may take up to ten working days for the IST to make this assessment (or up to twenty working days in peak periods). It is therefore important that if you intend to transfer programme, you speak to your School and submit a request form as soon as possible.

Following their assessment, the IST will email you to confirm whether:

a)       You can transfer programme with no implications for your visa, or;

b)      You are required to make a fresh Tier 4 visa application (which may or may not need to be done outside the UK) before you can commence studies on the new programme that you are transferring onto

Students who need to leave the UK to make their visa application may require up to eight weeks to make the application outside the UK. During term time this would cause significant disruption to your studies, and therefore you may not be permitted to commence studying on your new programme within the same academic year. It is therefore strongly recommended that you contact the International Student Team prior to requesting a programme transfer, so they can advise you on any potential implications of the transfer.

The International Student Team can be contacted by logging an online enquiry at

Programme Transfer forms


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