The Chaplaincy plays host to a wide range of events and activities. Some of these are organised by the Chaplains or by particular faith groups and societies. Others are organised in collaboration with several societies and cross faith boundaries. Most Chaplaincy events are open to everyone, regardless of faith background.

While there are some meetings and services that happen regularly (weekly, fortnightly or monthly), there are also bigger, one off events that take place throughout the year.

We will be hosting the Faith, Ethics and Climate Change event at the Chaplaincy on 2 May, 5pm until 7pm.  It will look at the question: as the threat of climate change looms, what part can faiths play in the ethical debate, and in taking action for a low carbon future?  There will be a buffet supper and conversation. To book and find out more information visit PeaceHub website.

The Buddhist Chaplain of the University of  Birmingham is organising a Buddhist Forum on the topic of ‘The Economy: A Buddhist Way’, with Meditation and Chanting for world peace.  It will take place at St Francis Hall on Bank Holiday Monday, 1 May 2017, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.  The purpose of the forum is to create a network and cooperation among economists, Buddhist economists, and Buddhist scholars who share the view that an alternative model for economics is needed if it is to prove sustainable.

Regular events

The programme of regular events has details of the recurring meetings that happen throughout the term.

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