Weekly Programme

This is the programme of regular events at the Chaplaincy for 2018-19. Some only take place during term time, while others happen all year round; all events are held at St Francis Hall unless otherwise stated.

For more information about any of these events, please contact the group running the event or the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy (sfhreceptiondesk@contacts.bham.ac.uk). 

Weekly Programme
08:00 UBCU Breakfast Prayer
12:00 Lunchtime Eucharist - Sharon's Office (during term time only)
13:00 Staff Meditation in the Cadbury Room. This meditation is open to everyone, of any religion or none. No experience necessary.
19:00 Hindu Society 
17:30 Deeper Life Campus Fellowship 
14:00 Sikh Society (please contact the Sikh Society for further information on events and dates)
15:00 Buddhist Meditation Society 
17:00  Deeper Life Campus Fellowship
17:30  Eucharist Service
18:00 Inclusive Christian Society 
18:30 Christian Union Society
13:00 Friday Prayer (Jumu'ah)
18:30 Catholic Society
19:00 Adventist Students on Campus Society
17:00 Chinese Christians Fellowship
09:00 Deeper Life Campus Fellowship
10:30 Roman Catholic Mass in Newman House (all year round)
11:00 Lutheran Sunday Service (1st and 3rd Sundays of each month)
13:00 First Love Society  
18:30 Roman Catholic Mass in Newman House (during term time only)


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