Ceremonies at the Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy offers a range of ceremonies, including weddings, baptisms, Bar Mitzvah, blessings, memorials and much more.

You may want a ceremony for yourself, a baby, a child or another family member. The Chaplaincy is available to all members of the University and their families.

Depending on what ceremony is involved, events can be arranged at St Francis Hall or the Selly Oak Chapel, or at another local place of worship.

We can help arrange such ceremonies and any necessary preparations by putting you in touch with the relevant chaplain or local religious leader and helping you explore what is appropriate in your tradition and to reflect the occasion.

If you would like to arrange or enquire about any services at the Chaplaincy, please contact one of the Full-Time Chaplains.


Bride and groom holding handsIf you're thinking of getting married, there are several options available:

Marriage in the Chaplaincy

We can offer a ceremony by a chaplain or other religious leader of your choice. Both St Francis Hall and the Selly Oak Chapel are available for weddings.

Marriage in another local place of worship

If you wish to marry in a local parish church, it is usually possible to do so in the parish where you live (eg Selly Oak or Edgbaston). We can arrange for you to be married there by the Anglican chaplain or put you in touch with local vicars.

We can also make contact with other religious leaders if you wish to marry in another place of worship.

If you want to get married at your parents' home or another place with a family connection, but want to celebrate at university  as well, we can carry out blessings and other ceremonies at the Chaplaincy.

Ceremonies of belonging

We are licensed to conduct baptisms, to arrange for people to get confirmed, to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah and to carry out ceremonies of belonging in various traditions.

Ceremonies of thanksgiving

We can also conduct or arrange ceremonies of thanksgiving and blessing for all sorts of occasions.

This could be for yourself, or for a family member. Please contact a chaplain to discuss exactly what you would like.

A time of grief

Hopefully this won't be necessary, but we are also able, if needed, to take funerals and conduct memorial services.

In addition, we have experience of supporting people in hospital, through serious or even terminal illness and can offer a range of pastoral support. This may involve questions of what life is about and whether there is anything after death... or may be purely practical and emotional. We take the lead from you.

If someone dies we can support you through the bereavement process and liaise with other services (eg Counselling) if you feel that is needed. Again, we take the lead from you.



Please contact a Full-Time Chaplain or the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Administrator if you would like help organising your event.


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