Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Research Methods and Skills (PGCARMS)

Developed and managed by the University Graduate School, in collaboration with the College of Social Sciences, the Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Research Methods & Skills (PGCARMS) provides enhanced advanced training in research and transferable skills to postgraduate researchers as part of University of Birmingham’s ESRC Doctoral Training Centre. The programme has grown to also include postgraduate researchers from a number of other groups, as listed below.


PGCARMS candidates complete 60 credits of advanced training modules, which include formally taught short courses in advanced research methods, as well as credit-bearing central provision in advanced transferable skill areas such as entrepreneurship, research consultancy, advanced language training and placements on research projects.


Note: this is an indication of available modules. Modules are subject to change. If you have any queries about module availability please contact the University Graduate School on the email address below

Who is eligible 

This programme is currently open to:

  • ESRC-funded postgraduate researchers registered on a University of Birmingham PhD programme
  • BBSRC-funded postgraduate researchers who are on the Midlands Integrative Training Partnership Programme
  • all postgraduate researchers from the College of Social Sciences
  • a limited number of postgraduate researchers from across the College of Arts and Law and the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

For further guidance on eligibility requirements for the PGCARMS and the enrollment process please contact the University Graduate School team: 

Current PGCARMS students

For those registered on the PGCARMS a full set of information, including programme and module handbooks, FAQs and discussions, can be found on the PGCARMS Canvas pages. To access this simply log onto Canvas and find PGCARMS in your course list.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at the email address or telephone number provided above.

New modules

The University Graduate School is happy to welcome any suitable modules onto the programme. If you are a current PGCARMS student or member of academic staff who wishes to have a module considered, then please fill in this form below: