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Student Services provide advice and support in specialist areas such as Counselling and Wellbeing, Disability and Learning Support, Student Funding, International Student Advisory Service, Customer Services, Equality and Diversity, Welcome and the student experience and Chaplaincy support.

Student Support

Student Support is committed to providing a supportive and proactive environment to all students to enable everyone to benefit from university life and achieve their full potential. Our services include:

Student Experience

The Student Experience sub-division provides advice and support to students in a range of university-wide activities. These include:

It also includes the Student Experience Projects Team, which delivers projects to improve the student experience at the University. These include:

Service Development

Consists of:

  • Funding, Graduation & Awards, which provides information and advice on the UK government grants, student loans and other allowances available to students. Additional support from the University is offered to students in the form of the centrally-managed bursaries, scholarships and prizes as well as hardship fund applications. FGA also provide a number of support services to assist students with managing their finances through the availability of online resources. FGA is also responsible for the co-ordination and delivery of the Unviersity's Degree Congregation ceremonies.

University Graduate School

The University Graduate School provides support and development opportunities for postgraduate researchers at the University of Birmingham. All postgraduate researchers at the University are able to make use of our research skills training including courses such as presentation skills, speed reading and our writing summer school as well as running the Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Research Methods and Skills (PGCARMS). The University Graduate School also runs a calendar of events throughout the academic year, from Welcome Week and smaller networking events to the annual Research Poster Conference. We also look after the Research Council studentships from all seven of the UK Research Councils.

Equality and Diversity

The University is proud of the diversity of its community and is committed to treating all staff and students fairly and with dignity and respect. The Equality and Diversity Advisor monitors and reviews the performance of students with regard to the protected characteristics such as: gender, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion and belief, trans gender and maternity and pregnancy. Work is currently underway to develop a single equality scheme for the University. Work is carried out in partnership with student groups, Guild staff and other associations to implement improvements to the student experience. Visit the Equality and Diversity website for more information.

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