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Westmere is the postgraduate researcher hub at the University of Birmingham.

Westmere House (G15 on the campus map) has been redeveloped into a training and social space for all postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and is the centre for postgraduate researcher workshops, conferences, training, social events and networking.

Development and engagement activities at Westmere

The University Graduate School is keen to encourage PGR-led peer development and engagement and all postgraduate researchers can use the space to organise their own events. Interested postgraduate researchers can also apply for the PGR-led engagement fund throughout the year. The main purpose of the fund is to enable PGRs gain transferable skills and experience in planning, organising and implementing engagement activities. Proposed activities can include academic seminars as well as social events. If you would like to discuss your ideas before submitting the application form, please contact Dr. Eren Bilgen (f.erenbilgen@bham.ac.uk). For more information, please check the online application form. 

If you have any suggestions for events or workshops for postgraduate researchers, please feel free to email graduateschool@contacts.bham.ac.uk and make sure you check our events calendar regularly.

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The University Graduate School (UGS) team are here to help you. For any questions you have about Westmere, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the University Graduate School team via our email address or Twitter feed.

You can also contact one of our Westmere Scholars if you have any suggestions for PGR engagement activities:

Facilities available

There are four spaces available to book:

The Seminar Room can seat 28 people. It has full teaching AV facilities, moveable furniture, and direct access to Westmere’s garden.

The Foyer is suitable for exhibitions and has an area of soft furnishing for informal meetings of up to five people seated.

The Social Space acts as a breakout area for both the Seminar Room and the Foyer. An area of soft furnishing can accommodate groups of seven people seated.

The Garden is also available for use during the Summer months.

The Postgraduate Researcher Hot Desk Room (G17) contains 9 PCs for use by PGR students on a ‘first come, first served basis’. The availability of the PCs can be seen here.

Opening hours and location

Westmere is located next to Winterbourne House on Edgbaston Park Road (G15 on the campus map (PDF - 1.64MB)).

Postgraduate researchers and staff members have swipe card access to the building from 06:00 to midnight. Please note that UGS staff members will only be on-site during normal working hours on University working days. In the case of an emergency out of hours, please contact Security Services on: 0121 414 4444.


 Making a booking

To book one of the spaces available at Westmere, please complete the online booking form. Please check the Westmere locations on Web Timetables prior to making your booking request.

 Terms and conditions

  1. Only requests made by University of Birmingham postgraduate researchers or staff members hosting postgraduate researcher-focused events will be accepted.
  2. A minimum of 3 working days’ notice is required for all bookings.
  3. If you are organising an outside speaker or showing a film/video clip, you will need to seek approval from the University Graduate School at least 20 working days prior to the event.
  4. If you intend to invite any external delegates to an event, this must be declared when making the booking request. Otherwise, it is expected that bookings are attended exclusively by current University of Birmingham students and staff (except for any declared external speakers.)
  5. We ask that you please keep a record of attendees that can be referred to in the event of a fire.
  6. The Seminar Room has moveable furniture, which can be adapted to suit the needs of your meeting or event, but the desks need to be put back to the correct layout of the room ready for the next user.It is the responsibility of the person booking the room to ensure that the space is tidied after the event, with all rubbish (inc. leftover catering items) bagged and tied and left by the bins in the foyer (please ensure you bring black waste bags with you).
  7. In some circumstances, there may be a charge for the use of a space. For example:
       * If there is any damage to the space or equipment
       * If the space requires cleaning after use
       * If the nature of the event requires Security cover.
  8. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all spaces, at all times.
  9. It is your responsibility to respect other users within the building with regards to noise and behaviour.
  10. Bookings are permitted only within the days, times and locations shown above. Bookings outside of these times are only permitted in exceptional circumstances, and additional charges for Security will be made in these cases.
  11. Any deliveries must be scheduled for the day of your event and you must make arrangements for the supplier/courier to be met. The University Graduate School will not accept deliveries on your behalf and will not store items at Westmere.
  12. At least 3 working days’ advanced notice of any Fresh Thinking deliveries must be provided to the University Graduate School.
  13. Do not attach any signs, displays or posters to the spaces, except on designated open poster boards.
  14. You must not use the University’s name, logo, crest, or the logo of any University departments or centres in any publicity material, without written permission from the University.
  15. Cancellations - if you no longer need to use a room you have booked please cancel as soon as possible to allow someone else to book the room instead.  



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