Dr Sammy Li

Sammy Li

I am the University's Assistant Director of Student Affairs (Postgraduate and Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion). I have oversight of the University Graduate School within Student Services and serve as the institutional lead for student equality, diversity, and inclusion. Apart from championing an inclusive educational environment for nearly 40,000 students on our UK and overseas campuses, I also convene Birmingham and the Black Country universities marching together as the higher education sector parade team at Birmingham Pride.


University life is a time for the exploration of knowledge and self. On our UK campuses, over one in ten UoB students identified themselves within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. This includes thousands of students who are out and those who are not in the position of doing so openly in every public space. As a result, it is pivotal to have LGBTQ+ figures at the University, acting as role models and confidants for supporting students in navigating their identities in different ways. In particular, I would welcome seeing more LGBTQ+ figures from minority ethnic backgrounds or other under-represented characteristics in the future.


However, no matter if you are an LGBTQ+ individual or an ally, out or not, British or an international colleague, we can all play a part in actively cultivating an inclusive educational environment and fostering a culture of respect among our diverse university community.



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