Procurement is the complete process of acquiring goods, services and works from third parties.

The University of Birmingham procures a wide range of goods, services and works annually, ranging from office furniture, IT systems and website designers to extensive construction works

Where the University seeks goods, services or works with a value in excess of the applicable EU financial procurement thresholds, it is currently necessary to follow the procurement processes as regulated by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. These processes are designed to ensure that the commissioning process if fair, transparent, proportional and promotes equal treatment.

The EU procurement thresholds as at 1st January 2020 are;

  • Goods - £189,330 excluding VAT
  • Services - £189,330 excluding VAT
  • Works - £4,733,252 excluding VAT

When involved in commissioning on behalf of the University, the Procurement Team will be able to provide advice in respect of the process to be followed and how this will impact upon the commissioning timetable.  Legal Services will provide support and assistance in respect of procurement where there is a novel or technical legal issue. 

Advice on a procurement issue should in the first instance be directed to the Procurement Team.  In the event of a novel or legal issue arising, the procurement team will make reference to Legal Services.  Legal Services will provide support and assistance to the Procurement Team including the obtaining of external professional advice where appropriate.

The procurement process is based on EU legislation and may change once the UK has exited the EU.


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