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creative (kri:'etiv) adj; + media ('mi:dia) noun;

The use of imagination or original ideas to create something for the means of mass communication

Creative Media is your marketing agency at the University of Birmingham. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, working with you to help achieve your marketing objectives.

We are Design, We are Print. We are Film. We are Digital. And, most importantly, We are here for you.

This site is for our University of Birmingham colleagues looking for University branding guidelines and elements. Download your guide to University Identity Principles (Word document, 218kb). For details about our services, follow the links detailed below.

 We are Design

Quality design, editorial and print production services including creative concepts, brand management, print management and editorial advice.  

We are Print

Professional printing, copying and binding services available quickly, conveniently and at the highest standards, in an expansive range of formats and materials.

For information on submitting your University thesis electronically for printing and binding please go to: 

We are Film

A professional television and radio studio with a portfolio of high-profile commercial clients available for hire, either with a full complement of technicians or dry-hire.


We are Distribution

Bulk mailing and fulfilment, delivering what you want where you want; with a large storage space that allows easy access to virtually any University-produced publication.

We are Media Response Training

Prepare yourself or your staff for their time in the media spotlight with our range of bespoke training – ensure that you say the right thing when under pressure.