Typical Timings Guidance

This document has been put together as a collaborative tool to help planning projects.

In a nutshell:

  • Wherever possible, we ask for at least two weeks’ notice before a project needs to start. This is to allow us to understand the brief, scope and schedule
  • Standard design and print projects take approx. six weeks once the project is live in the studio. This factors in client review time, too
  • Standard media projects take approx. 6-10 weeks once the project is live in the studio. The reason some media projects take longer is that we need to allow time for accessibility – including Audio Description, which is a legislative requirement. We need to allow an additional 12 days for this when it is required. As soon as we receive a brief from you, we’ll work with you to understand if AD is required – however for planning purposes, we recommend you always assume it is needed

We hope this guidance is useful. It is guidance only – please do get in touch with your project needs even if your timings are tight. We’ll always do our best to support and deliver.


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