The Competition and Markets Authority

July 2022 - David Baker

Over the past year, Educational Enterprise has been building a new piece of training to form part of the Staff Induction series, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

What was required?

In 2015, the CMA published advice for all higher education providers in the UK to help them comply with consumer law when dealing with students. In order for university staff to remain compliant, a new training course covering the CMA advice was required.

What did we do?

Following our design process, we began by putting together a ‘Learner Journey’ following a design brief. This allowed us to have an overview of how the course would be structured, tackle how many pages there would be for each section, and decide what type of content would be included on each page. When deciding how we are going to present the learning materials, Educational Enterprise always use the UX first approach.

Once the finalised Learner Journey was agreed between the learning designers and the project lead, the course build could begin. In addition to written information and links to important documents and websites, the CMA course also contains a variety of media content to keep the learning materials light and entertaining.

Using media

With the help of a few volunteers across External Relations, a series of voiceovers were recorded that were later transformed into podcasts and narrated animations. The animations were created using VideoScribe, a whiteboard animation software that is effective at producing fun and professional looking visuals with ease.

Competition and Markets Authority course

The combination of videos, podcasts, and animations allows for a more engaging and stimulating experience for the learners, and helps transform the somewhat dry training material into a memorable experience. To test the learners’ retention skills, a short quiz is included at the end of the course. 

In addition to animations and podcasts, Creative Media were hired to film a couple of introductory videos for the course starring Alaric Rae.

Competition and Markets Authority course

Take away point

The collaborative effort of the designers, content providers, Creative Media, and the voluntary voiceover artists has produced a high quality training package that was designed with the user’s experience in mind. Our hope is that this course will serve as an example of what Staff Training and other online courses can be when the Educational Enterprise design process and UX first approach is applied.


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