Presenting UX to a Global Audience

September 2021 - Matt Edwards

Educational Enterprises, Matt Edwards and Dr Adam Matthews will present at the global InstructureCon virtual event on the 7th October 2021.

Our presentation titled "A UX (user experience) Approach to Online Distance Learning" Matt and Adam will present to a global audience including America, the Asian Pacific region, through to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As well as presenting to a global audience, Matt will be sharing the stage with other industry leading experts and also keynote speaker, Grammy-Award-Winning musician and tech entrepreneur

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Presentation overview

The presentation is an overview of Educational Enterprises UX first approach. The UX first approach involved taking a clean piece of paper and designing the journey and then the templates and pages within the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). We briefly discuss design psychology, combining usability best practices and design principles, creating a brand new University of Birmingham template and learner journey. The overarching experience we created is that of a natural and free-flowing learning experience.

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Find out more about Educational Enterprises UX first approach to online distance learning.


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