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Your line manager will organise an induction locally to help you settle into your new role and feel part of your wider team/School and the University.

To ensure you have a successful start at the the University, we have checklists of suggested activities for different groups of staff to support a successful induction.

All staff have access to the University central induction and will be invited to this within their first few months.

Further details about your induction will be made available to you once you start.


Your offer letter will state whether your role is subject to probation agreements.

During probation, you are learning about the role and whether it is suitable for you, and your manager is making a similar assessment. Advice and information on the role should be available during probation from your manager or head of school, or your mentor, if assigned.

Towards the end of the probationary period, the decision is made whether to confirm your appointment, or whether your probation should be extended or your appointment terminated.  The exact process varies by staff group.

Once you start you will be able to access further information about probation on the HR intranet area.

University programmes

One of the specific actions in the University's Strategic Framework 'Shaping our Future: Birmingham 2015 was the development and delivery of a coherent suite of programmes that define our expectations of Birmingham staff and students and embrace the strategic framework values of excellence, distinctiveness, impact, pride, and confidence.

The Birmingham Professional statement covers all administrative and other-related, technical and support staff. It defines our expectations for Professional Services staff and outlines a programme of activites that facilitates achieving those expectations.

The Birmingham Academic statement outlines the University's expectations of its academic and teaching staff. It's purpose is to foster and maintain an academic culture of intellectual stimulation and high achievement recognising that such a culture is built on shared endeavour and a partnership between academic staff and the corporate body of the University.

Staff Networks

Our networks are run independently by staff from across the University and provide a supportive environment for staff to discuss common issues and concerns.

The networks also act in an advisory role to the University through the Equality Executive Group (our senior equality body) and are supported by the Equality & Diversity Team.  

As well as regular meet ups and social activities, the networks make a significant contribution to promoting inclusion on campus.

Please note: Some links to staff networks require logging in. You will be able to access this content once started.

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Staff Clubs & Societies

The University is home to a number of staff societies and groups offering broad opportunities for social networking and sharing interests with colleagues 

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