Pay and Reward

Your offer letter will detail your grade and level. Below is general details on pay and reward.

Bank Account Information

Once you have received your computer log in details you will need to log in and provide the University with your bank account details, this only applies to new starters with UK bank accounts.

For any new staff who want to be paid into an International bank account then you will need to open a case in the HR Service Portal and provide the required details.

Salary Scales

Working at the University of Birmingham brings many benefits. We have a progressive pay structure that rewards staff with competitive salaries. 

The link below will take you to the current salary scales. Your offer letter will state which terms and conditions you are on.

Salary Scales

Terms and Conditions

Please see below links to Terms and Conditions. Your offer letter will state which Terms and Conditions you are being employed on.

The main terms and conditions documents include information regarding:

  • appointment and requirements of the post
  • salary and pensions
  • hours of work and holidays, as appropriate
  • data protection
  • resignation
  • retirement (see also Later working life and retirement)
  • termination/removal from office

Terms and conditions for Academic and administrative staff | Grades 6 to 10
Terms and conditions for Clinical consultants
Terms and conditions for Support staff | Bands 200 to 500

Professional Standards of Conduct for all staff

Academic and administrative staff on grades 6-10 (excluding clinical consultants)

At its meeting on 27 June 2012, Council approved revised terms and conditions for Academic Teaching, Research and Analogous, Academic Information Services, and Administrative and Other Academic Related Staff.

Academic Teaching Staff
Research and Analogous Staff
Administrative and Other Academic Related Staff
Academic Information Services Staff
(apply only to existing staff on these terms and conditions, not for new appointments) 

Clinical Staff not holding honorary consultant contracts


Clinical consultants

Conditions of employment governing clinical academics holding honorary consultant contracts





Pay progression

Incorporation of senior academic GPs


Appendices 1-7 for academic staff (above) also apply

Support staff on bands 100-500

Conditions of employment governing Support Staff


Working at the University of Birmingham brings many benefits, from generous holiday leave, to reward and recognition. 

You can see a summary of these benefits using the link below. 

Once you have started you will be able to access the full range of benefits including how you can access them.

Employee benefits


For information about pensions at the University of Birmingham, please visit the link below.

Individuals transferring from the NHS to the University of Birmingham are only eligible to transfer pension provisions if 12 months + employment service has been achieved and you are being appointed to the University of Birmingham Medical School.

Pensions at the University of Birmingham


Professional Services