CaStLeS (Compute and Storage for Life Sciences) resources (both compute and storage) are a constituent part of BEAR Cloud, BlueBEAR and the wider BEAR infrastructure. They are reserved exclusively for the use of research groups carrying out research in the life sciences.

From 2022 CaStLeS resources and policies have been aligned with those of wider BEAR services. Access to CaStLeS resources is now requested by completing a service desk form to Register a New BEAR or CaStLeS Project.

Brief Summary of CaStLeS Resources within BEAR

CaStLeS have purchased significant dedicated resources in BlueBEAR for powerful batch computing. Refer to the CaStLeS QOS page for details.

The university provides up to 3TB research data storage for free. If you need more than 3TB then you should include it in your grant application.

Referencing the Use of CaStLeS Resources in your Publications

We have written a paper about the CaStLeS resources and this can be referenced in your publications.

CaStLeS (Compute and Storage for the Life Sciences): a collection of compute and storage resources for supporting research at the University of Birmingham

Including CaStLeS in grant applications

In order to help future enhancements the CaStLeS Executive ask that researchers using CaStLeS (or proposing to use it) include it in grant applications.


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