Regional and National HPC services



This page describes the Regional and National HPC services that are available to members of the University when the Birmingham HPC service is not able to meet the research needs of a member of the University. In all cases registration on the Birmingham services and demonstration that greater resources are required is a pre-requisite for IT Services to advise on and support access to these more powerful resources.

This page has the following sections:


Regional HPC Services

In 2017 EPSRC funded 6 regional HPC services, including HPC Midlands+ for the major Midlands Universities. All of these services have some resource that is available to non-members of the relevant consortium and they all offer access to projects that are not funded by EPSRC. The 6 services are:

  • HPC Midlands Plus. Lead site: Loughborough University
  • Cirrus. Lead site: EPCC
  • GW4 Tier 2 HPC Centre for Advanced Architectures. Lead site: University of Bristol
  • JADE: Joint Academic Data science Endeavour. Lead site: University of Oxford
  • Peta-5: A National Facility for Petascale Data Intensive Computation and Analytics. Lead site: University of Cambridge
  • Tier 2 Hub in Materials and Molecular Modelling. Lead site: UCL


National HPC service

The national HPC service is Archer, hosted by the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC)


Last modified: 12 July 2017