IT Automation month priorities

Automations prioritised for development during IT Automation Month:

  • ENH0014384 - Automate assignment to AD groups
    A workflow with approvers based of managers of AD groups or Dell1IM to add people to groups for Network shares, Software installation, Email groups anything controlled by Active Directory.
    See also: ENH0011533; ENH0013991; ENH0013011; ENH0012062; ENH0013010.
    Team: David MacDivitt; Colleen Romero
  • ENH0014354 - Auto Deploy Banner Database UNIX Scripts
    There are 25 UNIX Scripts run on the banner database servers are manually deployed and scheduled by staff in the Integration & Systems Development team. These scripts cover a wide range of interfaces, extracts and imports to systems such as Luminis, Gladstone, Verint and Verify and run on a schedule. Deployment should be automated.
    Team: Addam Hepburn; Tim Hall
  • ENH0014400 - PURE Automated testing
    To progress the development of automated tests for the PURE service to reduce the manual effort around upgrades/changes to the service.
    Team: Paul Coles; Adam Cooper; Riyaz Bandali
  • ENH0014365 - Distribution of scientific data from CTL instruments
    The Collaborative teaching laboratory has a roughly 20 instruments that students are required to use to analyse samples. Currently students save the results to a shared drive. This should then be automatically emailed to the students but the automation is incomplete.
    Team: Harry Bamber; Tim Packwood.

Automation areas for more scoping/analysis during IT Automation Month:

  • ENH0014368 - Integration of related data from various database front ends
    We have various database frontends we regularly access in the front office when creating, reading, or modifying asset-related data, namely: Active Directory; SCCM; Infoblox; College PC inventory. Going into each one is a multiplication of effort when the data is either duplicated in each system or related by sharing a common field eg computer name or IP. It would increase productivity if we could use a central/single interface for querying each database simultaneously.
    Team: Leigh Tremane
  • ENH0011230 - Workflow for staff email requests
    We need a workflow called "Staff email requests" for example, which gives the options to: Create new email (existing workflow); Setup/revoke delegate access; Secure email setup - (existing workflow); Mail quota increase; Setup archive; Grant access to other users mailbox.
    Team: Matt Warwick; Shawn Smith
  • ENH0014206 - Automated creation of CHG from Oracle maintenance email
    Is there a way Service Now can automatically create a CHG record when receiving an email from Oracle on planned maintenance. May also be appropriate for other supplier maintenance notifications.
    Team: Richard Clayton; Amar Bilkhu
  • ENH0011231 - Workflow for setting up Mailing lists, Distribution lists and Contacts Addresses
    To include: Create a mailing list; Delete a mailing list; Change owner of the mailing list; Forgotten mailing list password; Amend mailing list. Create a contacts address; Change the destination of a contacts address.
    Team: Matt Warwick; Shawn Smith


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