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Absence Reporting

You should contact your line manager(s) as early as possible on the first day of absence unless an alternative reporting route has been agreed.  Please remember to contact your line manager(s) on the day that you return to work for a return to work meeting and so that your Core absence records can be updated.  Absence of 8 days or more will require a GP note to be provided to your line manager.  

More generic information may be found on the Human Resources intranet site.

Academic Promotions Process

Please visit the Academic Promotions section on the HR website.

Accident Reporting

See Reporting of Accidents, Incidents, Near Misses and Occupational Ill Health

Accommodation (Visiting Students)

Visiting students may contact to ask for short term accommodation. They should initially contact University Living living@contacts.bham.ac.uk and http://www.birminghamstudentpad.co.uk/Accommodation for details of accommodation within the University. 


Full list of commonly used University of Birmingham terms and acronyms.


See Family Leave Arrangements.

Annual Leave/Holiday Entitlement

Your holiday entitlement is determined by your terms and conditions of employment. Full salary is payable during holidays.

The annual leave year for Support Staff runs from 1 January to the following 31 December. The annual leave year for Administrative and Other Related staff runs from 1st October to the following 30th September. All staff should agree their holiday schedules with their line manager/academic supervisor. Only exceptional carry-overs of annual leave from one accounting year to another will be allowed and prior agreement should be sought from your line manager/academic supervisor.

No specified periods of holiday are laid down for academic staff. Holidays must be taken in consultation with the Head of Institute, and normally outside term time in accordance with University practice.

Further details available here.

Annual Review

In addition to regular uplift in the salary scales (usually annually) by negotiation with the recognised trade unions, the salaries of all staff are reviewed annually.

For support staff, this forms part of the Performance and Development Review scheme for support staff

Approved Suppliers

The University has a list of approved suppliers who should be used for all orders placed. Listing of all of the Approved Contracts and Framework Agreements used by the University.

Associate Users

The University hosts a number of associate users who require access to electronic facilities but are not members of staff. An Associate User form needs to be completed and returned to your Institute Management Team or other local contact.  Associate user status can be issued for a maximum of 12 months and provides the user with a UoB email address and access to University intranet facilities.  Always consider whether a VAF/visa assessment and Visiting Personnel form also need to be completed.  Refer to your Institute Management Team for further information on the visa and visiting personnel processes.


See Cash Machines.


AV equipment (including technical support) can be hired from LRAT but will be subject to a charge. To book equipment or services for a teaching event or to make an initial booking enquiry for a non-teaching event, login with your staff details to the online booking service and follow the instructions for new bookings. LRAT will then provide you with a quote for the equipment and services requested. Once you receive the quote, you should raise an Internal Trade requisition through Core Systems to cover the cost of the equipment.

Trust Education Centre – there must be a member of Trust staff\honorary member of Trust staff using the equipment – they must use their Trust log in to use the AV Equipment. The HEFi Digital team within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences also provide support for the visual learning environment (VLE). They can be contacted at: mdsdigitaleducation@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

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