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Campus Maps

Maps of all University of Birmingham campuses.


Canvas is the University's virtual learning environment. 

The most common method to access Canvas will be through the University’s portal system, my.bham. The link is available from the University’s main webpage, http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/index.aspx, under the ‘Canvas Learning Environment’ links at the bottom of the screen.

You can also access Canvas via the Weblearn homepage www.weblearn.bham.ac.uk/

To gain access to a particular course you should email colmds-c-telmds@adf.bham.ac.uk who are able to add staff.

Car Parking (Staff/Students)

Main Campus

Hospitality and Accommodation Services are responsible for car parking including administration of permits, barriers, maintenance and security. Any individual using the parking facilities at the University should adhere to the University's Traffic Regulations. The University has a car park management system at the Edgbaston site. Any vehicle which contravenes the University of Birmingham's Traffic Regulations regarding vehicles on campus will be issued with a parking charge. Information and forms for applying for car parking permits for staff, students and visitors can be found on the Car Parking intranet pages.

Please note that all car parking charges, in all locations, apply between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Car Parking (Visitors)

Medical School

Requests for reserved parking for visitors on the Medical School forecourt car parks should be sent to Janetta Simpson, Infrastructure and Facilities office. Space is limited and where possible visitors should be encouraged to make use of the excellent public transport servicing the Campus. If space is not available on the forecourt, visitors can park at various sites around campus (see Car Parking).

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

There are pay and display parking facilities at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Click here for map.

School of Dentistry

Requests for reserved parking for important visitors to the School of Dentistry can be made to the PA to the School Manager, Jill Boylan. Space is extremely limited so visitors should be encouraged to make use of public transport or park at the various pay and display/NCP car parks in the vicinity of the School of Dentistry.

Cash Machines (ATM)

Most onsite facilities take card payments.  Should you need cash, machines are located in the following areas:

  • 2 within the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, ground floor - 1 behind Costa Coffee, 1 behind the information desk
  • 1 within the Womens Hospital (maternity hospital) - ground floor near the lifts
  • 1 available outside Barclay's Bank in University Centre
  • 1 inside University Centre, near the foodcourts (R23 on the University map)
  • 1 on the ground floor of the Heritage Building by the Clock Tower Canteen.

Casual Workers

The University does not co-ordinate casual work opportunities centrally. By the very nature of casual work, the need is difficult to predict far in advance and often work is required to be undertaken at the very last minute. Institutes and Corporate Services will make their own local arrangements to secure the services of casual workers.

The process for recruiting a Casual Worker can be found here.


Before discussing any potential work with students, the student must present to you their valid Worklink ID card. The card must have a valid expiry date in combination with their university Student ID card. It is of great importance that you check both expiry dates as should these dates have expired the student cannot work. This also relates to students who have worked for you in the past who may be undertaking repeat assignments. 

Once you are satisfied the student is compliant, please complete the necessary paperwork (available from your Institute Management representative - IMR). After undertaking further appropriate checks your IMR will then liaise with Worklink to ensure the assignment is processed. 

Sufficient time must be allowed to ensure that compliance checks can be undertaken – a minimum of 1 week is recommended. Please also note that assignments cannot be backdated or paid by any other method.   

If you have a student employment enquiry please contact the Worklink office on 0121 414 5000 or worklink@contacts.bham.ac.uk prior to work being undertaken.


If the work is being undertaken by somebody who is not a student, the Eploy casual fees system will need to be used (see Eploy Casual Fee System). Assignments cannot be backdated and passport/visa ID checks must be undertaken a minimum of 24 hours before any assignment starts - this is a legal requirement.   

Casual Workers rates of pay can be found here.


Campus Meetings

For most campus venues, orders should be placed via Fresh Thinking; tel: 0121 414 6250; email enquiries@venuebirmingham.com.

Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM)

Catering orders are placed via the ITM Meeting Point Catering who can be contacted at meetingpoint@contacts.bham.ac.uk or on 0121 371 8100.

Medical School

The Food Court on the lower ground floor of the Wolfson Centre for Medical Education offers a variety of hot and cold food. Opening hours are Mon–Fri 0800–1700 during term time and 0830–1530 during vacation. A large vending facility is available on the 1st floor of the Wolfson Centre for Medical Education, for out of hours service. Vending machines are also available in the Staff Common Room (blue room) in the West Extension of the Medical School building. Microwaves and a kettle are also provided here for staff use. A hospitality service is also available.

For all catering function/meeting bookings made through MedCafe, a contact address has been set up which is hascor-c-mshospit@adf.bham.ac.uk. All orders should be sent to this email address, and all bookings should be raised on Medical College Catering Booking Form. Please also ensure that where possible a minimum of 3 working days is given for each booking.

School of Dentistry

The canteen on the fifth floor offers hot and cold food and also provides a catering facility for meetings/events. Opening hours are Mon - Fri 0800-1100 (breakfast), 1200 – 1345 (lunch), 1450 – 1550 (afternoon tea). Hot/cold drinks and snacks vending facilities are also available in the canteen on the fifth floor.

There is a tea bar on the ground floor which offers hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks for staff, students and visitors to the building. Opening hours are Mon - Fri 0830 - 1640.

For catering at functions/meetings within the School of Dentistry, a catering request form needs to be filled in and passed to Rachael Deen in School Office to raise an order.  The form is then sent to Dawn Haywood, Catering Manager. Please give 7 days’ notice (Plus allow 2 Working Days for School Office to Raise the Order)

Trust Education Centre

All catering must be ordered through Trust Catering.

Further information:

Further information including menus can be found at Fresh Thinking.

N.B. For events where food is brought in from home, please see 'Cake Sales'.

Centre for Professional Development (CPD)

The Centre for Professional Development (CPD) is a spacious modern venue offering a great environment for learning and training. The centre has dedicated staff, excellent audio-visual equipment and a large choice of rooms and layouts. The Centre boasts excellent conference facilities (3 lecture theatres, break out rooms, an IT Hub and a social area with daily newspapers and freeview TV), clinical facilities and the Wolfson Centre which houses the Leonard Deacon Lecture Theatre and has a capacity of 300 people. This provides excellent facilities to host both internal and external events.

For further information contact: med-cpdbookings@contacts.bham.ac.uk; or Dave Oram, CPD Manager - d.i.oram@bham.ac.uk.

Clinical Trials

The University of Birmingham is one of the leading centres in the UK for clinical trials, having a wealth of experience across a wide range of diseases, clinical settings and trial designs. Full information and guidance on all aspects of Clinical Trials can be found on the Research and Knowledge Transfer's Intranet pages.

The Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU) is directed by Professor Katie Morris.

The Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit (CRCTU) translates cutting edge science into improved patient care, both rapidly and safely, through the design and conduct of large multi-centre/international randomised trials as well as smaller more data intensive phase I trials of novel therapies. The Director of the unit is Professor Pamela Kearns.

The Clinical Research Compliance Team ensures clinical research projects and in particular clinical trials are conducted in line with any applicable regulations, international standards and University standards.

The Research Facilitators / Administrators will function as a first port of call; they will be able to sign post researchers to teams within the University with further detailed knowledge.

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There are various methods to ensure your communications reach the intended audience. You may wish to speak to the Press Office for further support with this (see 'Press Office') . To have your communication added to the MDS weekly news bulletin you should email MDS-Information@adf.bham.ac.uk; to have your communication included in the University Buzz Magazine you should email university-buzz@bham.ac.uk.

Commuting to Work

See Travel.

Compassionate Leave

Heads of Institute/budget centre have discretion to grant compassionate leave, for a period not normally exceeding five continuous working days at any one time. This leave may be paid at the discretion of the Head. 

Compassionate leave may be appropriate in circumstances not covered by other types of leave. Institute Leads have the discretion to grant compassionate leave in a potentially wider range of circumstances than those listed in relation to dependant leave.

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Conference Funds

Overseas Travel Fund

All academic staff and PGR students are able to apply to the Overseas Travel Grant Fund for the sole purpose of presenting at conferences. This funding is available from 01 October to 30 September each year. Further information may be obtained from your Institute Manager.

Restrictions - In considering applications preference will be given to applicants aged 35 and under. Support is restricted to overseas international meetings and symposia, etc. No more than £500 will be made to any individual in any period of three years. If multiple applications are received from the same Research Group for the same Conference, such applications will all be funded at the rate of £250 each.

Staff Development Conference Funds

The Institute recognises in principle the usefulness of attendance at professional and learning & teaching conferences by members of academic staff and has created a fund to support staff wishing to attend these activities. Further information may be obtained from your Institute Manager.

Conferences and events

University of Birmingham | Conferences and events has a portfolio of conference and hospitality venues, for hire on a day or residential basis, at the University of Birmingham. University of Birmingham | Conferences and events includes the management of venues such as The Great Hall, Hornton Grange, Winterbourne House and Lucas House 

They can be contacted on 0121 415 8400 or emailed at conferencesandevents@contacts.bham.ac.uk. Further information can be found on their website: conferences.bham.ac.uk.

N.B. When booking accommodation requiring settlement via internal transfer (IBCT), this will be booked as provisional until a purchase order is received. If the purchase order has not been received within 7 working days of the date the booking was created it will be cancelled and a cancellation confirmation will be sent to the booker. On receipt of the purchase order the booking will be changed to confirmed.

If any last minute guests arrive at the Conference Park with no booking in the system and no purchase order, they will have to pay for the accommodation at Reception by cash or card; a receipt will be issued to the guest.

Confidential Waste

Main Campus

Confidential waste is managed by Portering & Transport Services at the University. To have your confidential waste removed you can arrange a collection by completing the online Confidential Waste Removal Booking Form.

The Medical School and IBR buildings have a local procedure whereby Carol Benham can be contacted to arrange removal of confidential waste.

Dental School

The School of Dentistry use confidential waste bags in conjunction with the Birmingham Dental Hospital. Anyone needing a confidential waste bag should contact the Porters who will drop off and collect any bags required. 

Confidentiality Agreements

Also known as Research Contract Services or RCS.  Contracts for research and commercial projects provide a legally-binding declaration of the obligations of all involved parties.  The Contracts Team prepare, review, negotiate and authorise all University research contracts and most non research contracts save for some which fall outside our remit and are dealt with by either legal Services, University of Birmingham Enterprise or Procurement.

Contract types dealt with by the Team include: confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, collaboration agreements, tenders, studentships, grants, EU agreements and clinical trial agreements for the entire University. We also deal with other funding agreements, memorandums of understanding/letters of intent and non personal consultancy agreements.

Requests for contract services should be made through Worktribe.

Contract Services

The Contracts Team prepare, review, negotiate and authorise all University research contracts and most non research contracts save for some which fall outside our remit and are dealt with by either legal Services, University of Birmingham Enterprise or Procurement.

Contract types dealt with by the Team include: confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, collaboration agreements, tenders, studentships, grants, EU agreements and clinical trial agreements for the entire University. We also deal with other funding agreements, memorandums of understanding/letters of intent and non personal consultancy agreements.

You will need to submit a research contract services requests through Worktribe.  Please also see the Core Systems and Worktribe Intranet page for further information

Copyright and Scanning

The University has a licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) which enables staff to scan limited amounts of printed material and to store the digitised versions so that they can be downloaded by students studying on specified modules.

If you want to scan copyright material e.g. a book chapter or a journal article or illustration so that you can make a digitised version available to students via the iVLE or include content in a PowerPoint presentation, then please follow the procedure found here.

If you are unfamiliar with this Licence or these procedures, please read the overview page and the CLA HE Licence User Guidelines.

Core Systems

Core Systems (previously known as New Core) is a Finance, HR, Payroll, and Research Grant Management cloud-based system which went live in June 2019 to enhance ways of working for all staff. 

It provides all colleagues with an online system for more robust management, tracking, and reporting of personal, project, and team tasks and requests; from requesting annual leave to reporting on Research Grant spend. Further information can be found here.

Costings for Grants

See Salary Costings.

Courier Services

For information on how to send parcels by courier, please contact Alastair Tew in IBR Stores, Alastair Tew on a.j.tew@bham.ac.uk 

Credit Card Purchases

See Purchasing Card.


See Travel.

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