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Biological Transport Policy

See Transporting Hazardous Materials.

BMSU (Biomedical Services Unit)

The Biomedical Services Unit provides a wide range of services that include the care and husbandry of the animals, their breeding and supply, as well as other technical, experimental and administrative services. There is a comprehensive Service Level Statement providing detailed information on these services. 

The BMSU's intranet page provides a brief description of these services as well as a guide to using them, including details of the procedures to be followed and forms to be completed.

Entry to BMSU is only allowed with an annual access card following Health surveillance - contact your Technical/Lab Manager for further information.

BOXI (UOB Infoview)

BOXI reporting is used for all budget reporting. To log-on using your ADF logon credentials go to: https://www.boxi3.bham.ac.uk/logon.jsp.

Access is requested via the IT Service Desk.

Further information is available from Finance.

Brand Guidelines, Logos and Templates

Click here to go to the page containing links to all approved College, Institute and School branding collateral. This includes approved logos, PowerPoint slides and email signatures. It also provides you with a link to the University 'Defining our Identity – Identity Principles' paper which outlines guidance for brand usage.

Bullying and Harassment

If you are being harassed or bullied there are a number of informal and formal options open to you and the Harassment Advice Service can help you think through these options. Which is appropriate will depend on your situation.

The Harassment Advice Service is a completely confidential service where you can discuss your situation with a trained staff volunteer. The Advisers can listen to your problem, offer impartial advice and talk you through your options. Your union harassment representative can also provide advice and support.

You can also contact the Employee Support and Advice Services:
Email: harassment@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Tel: 0121 415 8774, ext 58774
Your email or call will be treated in complete confidence.

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Bus and Rail Season Tickets

The University will purchase a season ticket on your behalf and will recover the cost of the pass by equal deductions from your pay over a 10 month period (43 weeks for weekly paid staff), although the pass itself will be valid for 12 months. Therefore, you must have a 12 month contract in order to apply. 

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