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Web Based Mail

Web based mail is an email system that allows you to access your email from any device connected to the Internet. You can access web based mail at https://mail.bham.ac.uk.

Web Profiles

All senior staff should have their own online staff profile page. If you would like to have a web profile please complete the Staff Profile Template form and forward to your Institute Communications Officer or email the Web Team at mds-web@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Your wellbeing at work is crucial in helping you to achieve your full potential. To help you stay healthy and happy at work the University offers a wide range of benefits, services and facilities ranging from flexible working and recreational facilities to counselling services and specialist safety advisors.  

The University's Workplace Wellbeing team has an overview of our staff's and students' wellbeing and provides specialist services for the University, for managers and individuals. Full information and links are available here.

Work Experience

If you are approached about work experience students, you should complete the Work Experience Enquiries Form and forward this to Dave Westwood who coordinates these students for the College. The procedure for this process can be found here.

For further information go to the guidance produced by the H&S unit for Work Experience placements; Appendix 2 of the Work Experience Placement for Young persons - University guidance document needs to be completed by the host; the letter offering the placement is then sent to the student for parents to sign to confirm their consent to their child taking up the placement. This confirmation signed by the parent/guardian should normally be returned no later than 4 weeks prior to the placement date.

A risk assessment will also need to be completed as per instructions in the H&S document.

Working from Home

The Home Working Guidance document is currently under review, please discuss your requirements with your Line Manager.

Working Hours

Full-time support staff will normally work 36 hours a week, with part-time staff being appointed to work for a specified number of hours. Hours and days of work are as agreed with the Head of Institute or Budget Centre, and may be varied by mutual agreement. Heads of Institute or Budget Centre may ask members of staff to work outside the working days or working hours specified in the letter of appointment, and overtime or time off in lieu will be offered in return.

For academic and related staff no working hours are specified. These groups of staff are appointed on contracts that are task-based not hours-based. As a result, overtime is not payable.

Local workload models indicate workloads for full-time staff, which are adjusted appropriately for part-time staff according to their contractual commitment; this is usually expressed as a percentage of full time.

Further details can be found on the 'Working hours' page of the Human Resources Intranet site.


Worklink is based at the Guild of Students, and works alongside the Guild's Jobs deparment. They provide students with the connection to on-campus casual work.

Worklink ensures that students are legally entitled to work in the UK, which is extremely important so that the University do not breach immigration and visa policies. You must not approve or permit hours that would cause the student to be in breach of their visa conditions. This is a breach of the Immigration Act, 1971 Section 25(1) – ‘Facilitating the commission of a breach of immigration law.’ (Please see attached document.)

Worklink also help to ensure that students do not exceed the maximum amount of hours they are allowed to work during term time. A person is classed as a student even if they have submitted their thesis; they only stop being a student post-viva and after corrections have been submitted. 

You must not offer any work to students prior to receiving confirmation from Worklink that the student has available hours in line with working restrictions as detailed on their student visa and with the University policy on student working hours. Please see link: https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/as/studentservices/international/working/during.aspx

Find out more.

(See Casual Workers for more information).

Workload Allocation Model (WAM)

The College operates a Workload Allocation Model which can be found at wam.bham.ac.uk.

Workstation Assessments

The University Guidance on Workstation Design should be taken into account when initially setting up a workstation. Individuals using display screen equipment should also carry out a self- assessment using the DSE checklist. The College also has a number of staff trained in workstation assessment. If a formal assessment is required this can be arranged by contacting Carol Benham x46917.

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