Supporting Your Career

birdseye shot of an event in the great hall with lots of people sitting around circular tables.The University seeks to attract excellent and diverse talent across our research and education themes, whilst creating a culture of confidence and knowledge in our institution, and pride in being an important part of a major civic and global university.

With a focus on the development of people and teams, this culture will be enabled by effective leaders across the University, who encourage career progression; staff who are supported to take responsibility for their own professional development and wellbeing, and flexibilty and trust in how work is undertaken. 

  • Learn more about the key priorities within the University’s ‘People and Culture’ pillar which underpins the Strategic Framework.
  • For information about academic careers and recent changes to structures and promotion criteria, please visit the Birmingham Academic Career Framework.
  • To explore a range of career pathways after completing your undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, contact the Careers Network for support. 
  • Engage with the Birmingham Professional programme, which supports Professional Services staff at the University.
  • The Technical Academy provides a dedicated platform for our technical staff to develop their skills and careers.


Professional Services