Shakespeare Scholars Symposium

Scholars from all over the world attended the 35th International Shakespeare Conference, 'Working with Shakespeare', at the University's Stratford-upon-Avon base from 5-10 August.

Held at the Institute since 1951, the conference is a biennial gathering of the world’s most respected experts in Shakespeare, and provides a regular stimulus to the development of Shakespeare study globally. This year the Institute welcomed over 200 leading researchers, drawn from every continent.

Professor Michael Dobson, Director of the Institute, commented, 'Although our delegates are not always in the same peak physical condition as medal-winning athletes, the International Shakespeare Conference is in many ways the Olympics of Shakespeare studies, and with Stratford so thoroughly involved in the Cultural Olympiad -- with the World Shakespeare Festival still in full swing -- 2012 has already been as rich a year for Shakespearean theatregoers and critics as it has been for sports fans. We are already looking forward to 2014, when our conference will mark Shakespeare's 450th birthday, and 2016, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, when Stratford and London will jointly be hosting an even larger and grander event, the World Shakespeare Congress.'


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