My #AlumniChristmas – How did it go?

The Alumni Relations Team, paired with some student elves, took to campus on 10 December 10 to find out what would top our students’ Christmas wish-lists if they could ask our generous alumni for anything they want. The event was created to show our alumni community how much the students appreciate the help they receive, and to give our experienced graduates some thoughts on how they can help our current students in their academic and future work.

The event was a big success with many inspiring ideas including calls for:

  • guest lecturers (one student specifically asked for “a cool alumni author” to come and speak)
  • funding for PHD and postgraduate studies
  • one-to-one mentoring
  • advice on how to best manage the transition between student and work life
  • our international community asked for advice from former international students now working in the UK 
  • students on our international programmes were keen to here from former UK residents now working abroad

To see these and more #AlumniChristmas wishes and photos, visit our @BirminghamAlum Twitter feed. 

A big thank you goes out to all of our alumni for the help they have contributed this past year, and to our dedicated lecturers, university staff and Alumni Relations Team for making it happen.

Merry Christmas!


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