Internal Communications review

Why do we need a review of internal communications?

Results of the Have Your Say 2011 staff survey show that, although there have been improvements in internal communication and employee engagement from Have Your Say 2009, these continue to be key areas for development across the University. The Stakeholder Relations Team is carrying out a comprehensive review of University internal communications; to inform recommendations and actions for future internal communications channels and strategy and to further improve the content and format of campus communications.

The review focuses primarily on corporate internal communications which are managed by the Stakeholder Relations team. This team sits within the Marketing and Communications team that is part of External Relations, and produces internal communications channels including include Buzz, Buzz-bitesize, Buzz social media, the staff intranet, and staff events such as the VC Forum, Birmingham Professional Forum, and Meet UEB.


How was the review carried out?

Your views and feedback have been vital in ensuring that the review identifies key messages and channels and that communications are tailored as far as possible to the needs and interests of our University community. There have been a variety of ways that staff can share their views on internal communications including:

  • Survey – Survey feedback will help to ensure that corporate internal communications messages are informative and accessible for all and to highlight any ways in which we can improve future communications across campus. Thank you to all staff who completed the survey, the survey period has now closed and results will be shared shortly.
  • Email – please continue to email us at with any views or suggestions on areas of internal communication not covered in the survey.
  • Consultation meetings - members of the Stakeholder Relations team carried out extensive consulation meetings with colleagues across the Colleges and Corporate services to discuss internal communications needs at local levels.


What happens next?

We are currently evaluating your responses and feedback, and results and recommendations from the review will be updated on these pages and in future editions of Buzz and Buzz-bitesize.

If you have any additional queries or comments or would like to discuss University Internal Communications in more detail please email



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