Podcast guidelines

Podcasts are an audio medium that tend to be mostly episodic and focus on a particular topic or theme. They offer an opportunity to deliver various research and reputation-enhancing material to a variety of audiences. The following guidelines should empower you to make creative decisions that work best for your needs and help produce content that promotes our University as a World Top 50 institution. Maintaining brand consistency is key to supporting this endeavour.

Podcasts can be a great tool for providing spotlights on our experts and their research areas and sharing insights into life at the University. Before creating a podcast series, use the flowchart below to determine whether it is a medium worth your efforts.

A flowchart showing various questions and answers to help people determine if a podcast is the right communication medium for their needs Accessible version of this flowchart

Before creating a podcast consider the following:

Identify your podcast goals

What makes your podcast stand out from the crowd? Will your podcast help the University reach the top 50? How will you measure and define your podcast success? It is important to define these goals so that you can make a clear and achievable strategy.

Identify your audience

Who will be your target audience? Why you should they care? What will they gain from your podcast? What do you want your audience to feel and think?

Do you have time, the resource, and budget to produce a podcast?

To produce a high-quality podcast episode and/or series is a serious undertaking. Do you have the time to plan a podcast? Do you have access and knowledge to record and edit high-quality audio? If you can’t do it yourself, do you have the budget to outsource?

Have you connected with your marketing team?

Before producing a podcast, we advise contacting your departments marketing team. They are best positioned to advise you on the production, marketing and communication around developing and promoting your podcast. Please note that the Campaigns and Reputation team reserve the right to refuse or remove podcasts if the material does not further the mission of the University based on the criteria outlined in these guidelines.

If you have decided that a podcast series is the best requirement for your institutional needs, consider if you and/or your department are able to produce engaging, high quality podcast episodes, or whether you may need to approach an agency such as our in-house Creative Media team as a client.


We encourage you to become accustomed to these guidelines and to frequently revisit them, knowing that details may change and evolve over time.


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