Disabilities, long-term mental health conditions and specific learning difficulties


Difficulties obtaining evidence due to COVID-19

We understand that many students will be finding it difficult to make a medical appointment at this time. Please apply for disability related support and send us any evidence that you have (even if you are unsure that it meets the criteria), so that initial discussions about your support can take place where necessary.

Once you have your evidence, please email a copy of it to disability@contacts.bham.ac.uk and we will be able to review it and continue processing your application for disability related support. If you have any further questions please see our evidence guidance.

Sunflower Scheme - Hidden Disabilities

University of Birmingham has signed up to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme. This optional scheme allows students who are exempt from wearing a face mask to be identified (should they wish to be) by wearing a sunflower lanyard as well as signalling to others that they may require additional support resulting from a disability that may not be immediately apparent. 


Find out when and where our disability drop-ins take place.