Guidance on Coursework Extensions for UG and PGT Students

Coursework submission deadlines are set some time in advance, so you should always plan your work so that your submissions are not delayed by short-term, “normal life” circumstances. 

We understand that there will be occasions when you are prevented from submitting coursework by the last date of the assessment submission period or deadline – and where you might need a short-term extension to that deadline.   

It is important to note that extenuating circumstances and extensions are two different processes with separate procedures.

You are on the right page for extensions 

Extensions to coursework deadlines are normally prospective. These are for use in situations where exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances beyond your control prevent you from submitting coursework by the last date of the assessment submission period or deadline.

You can only request an extension if the coursework deadline has not passed. 

For exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances beyond your control that occur within the last 24 hours of the assessment submission period or deadline, you normally should use the separate Extenuating Circumstances process.

 × See separate guidance page for extenuating circumstances: Extenuating circumstances are almost always retrospective. They refer to exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances beyond your control that have adversely affected your performance in assessments. They are submitted to your School by an advertised deadline. (Code of Practice & Student Guidance)

You may apply for a coursework extension of 5, 10 or 15 working days. You should be able to cite a valid reason and, where possible, provide appropriate accompanying evidence.

For dissertations and extended essays, extensions of up to 20 working days may be available in exceptional circumstances (similarly supported by a valid reason and evidence). 

How do I apply for an extension?

First, you should read this guidance document – all of your key questions and answers are here.

When you are ready to make your request follow the link for your School/College in the box below. 

Will I need to provide evidence?

When requesting an Extension, you will be asked to provide appropriate evidence. Examples of appropriate evidence are listed in the guidance. The University recognises that, in some circumstances, you might not have evidence to support your extension request. If you are in this situation, then you should complete the Extension Request form and complete the ‘self-certification’ section. Your College Wellbeing Team will consider your request but may contact you to request further information, or to offer additional support where appropriate. 

Making a request to my School/College

The contact details for each College (School) are provided below: 



Other help that is available

For many of the reasons that you might need an extension you may also require some additional support. We have a range of wellbeing and support services available and you can always get in contact. 

All of the links to our support can be found on Your Wellbeing.




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