Presessional Community

We receive a significant number of Presessional students over the summer.

Our students come here to enhance their English language skills and subsequently move onto their main course of studies.

We understand the move to a new country can be overwhelming and we at the International Student Team (IST) offer you help and guidance in extending your visa for their main course of studies.

Our students come first and our aim is to enhance your student experience with our support and guidance to make your  journey from start to finish as seamless as possible.

For further information about our pre sessional courses. The Birmingham International Academy (BIA) has created an extremely helpful frequently asked questions list to assist.

The IST have prepared guides on visa and immigration requirements to help with university study.  We highly recommend students read through these guides and familiarise themselves with the process and UKVI terminology.

Presessional Entry Clearance guide

Presessional Visa Extension guide

Visa Extension process flow chart

Glossary – Interpretation of UKVI terminology

What support do the IST offer for extending your visa?

  • You will have a dedicated caseworker throughout your visa extension preparation journey
  • Regular 1:1 sessions where we will go through the list of evidence required and work with you toward the preparation of these documents
  • IST will arrange a series of workshops that will help you understand the process of extending your visa for your main course of study
  • A  ‘bank fair' day will be held which will give you an insight into what you need to open a UK bank account and give you the opportunity to speak with banking representatives about opening a bank account in the UK.
  • Subject to COVID-19 restrictions the bank fair may not be possible in person. Please see our bank guide for support with opening a bank account online.

What documents do you require for your visa extension?

  • Your  current passport as well as any previous passports you have used to travel to the UK
  • 2 passport sized colour photographs with your name written on the reverse; these pictures MUST be taken in the UK. Visit the UKVI website for photograph guidance
  • Proof that you have the amount of money that Home Office requires, demonstrating you can support yourself and dependents in the UK.
  • A birth certificate if you are showing proof in the form of your parent’s bank statement
  • A letter of consent from your parents if you are using their bank statement and also if you are under the age of 18.
  • Evidence of your academic qualifications (Degree certificate, Graduation certificate, Transcripts/ Grades)            
  • Your ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) certificate, if required. Please check your offer letter which will confirm if this is required
  • Translations of any documents that are not in English. 
  • Police registration certificate, if applicable.

Listed below are detailed presentations on the visa extension process. This will assist you in preparing your documents in readiness for when you come to the UK and your 1:1 sessions.

Do you need more information?

We urge you to look at our comprehensive frequently asked questions list which may provide an answer to your question; alternatively you could email us at with the subject title as Pre- sessional Query and your Student ID number.

The Guild of Students at the University offer help and support to our pre-sessional students ranging from integration support, mentoring, global buddies etc.


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