Travelling Abroad

The Home Office have put together some passenger education to help reduce long queues and waiting times.

This can be achieved by:

  • Ensuring passenger preparation for identity inspection
  • Encouraging passengers to use e-passenger gates.

Passenger preparation

To assist with student travel, the Home Office have created a travel checklist outlining how to be ready before setting off, at the airport and re-entering the UK. 

Students are instructed to have their passports open at the photograph page and to remove all hats and sunglasses in advance of inspection which will then help queues move faster and that your time spent at border control is kept to a minimum. 

Encouraging passengers to use e-passport gates

E-passport gates can process a considerable greater number of passengers than staffed gates within the same time. Encouraging their use and informing passengers how to use them correctly not only reduces waiting times, it lowers unnecessary delays and improves the customers overall travel experience 

Do I need a visa to travel abroad?

This will depend on several factors. Your nationality, the country you are travelling to, the duration of your visit and the purpose of the visit.

You should check with the Embassy/Consulate of the country that you intend to travel to find out whether or not you need a visa to make the journey.

IST are experts on UK immigration law, but as each country has its own immigration rules, you will need to refer the country's embassy for visa advice.

Travelling to Europe

If you plan to travel to Europe please read the UKCISA guidance on the Schengen visa

Passport/BRP card stolen or lost abroad

If you either lose, or have your passport and/or BRP card stolen, you will need to report this to the local police and make an application for a replacement passport/ BRP card.  Please do not worry and contact us.

You should contact your country's embassy, consulate, or high commission or passport office in the country where you are now for information on how to obtain a replacement passport/BRP card.

It is possible that there may be a considerable wait to obtain a replacement passport, BRP or travel document. This is not something which the UKVI can influence.

Biometric Residence Permit Card (BRP)

You should try and keep important documents like your passport and BRP safe whilst travelling abroad.  However in the unlikely event that this goes missing you need to do the following:

1.     Report the loss of your BRP to the police and obtain a police report (translated into English);

2.     Report the loss of your BRP online to UKVI using their form;

3.     You will need to apply online for a single entry visa which replaces your old BRP. The current fee for this is £154 and can only be used once within a one month period;

When completing the online form you should select the following:

              Reason for visit: Other

              Visa Type: Others

              Visa Sub type: Replacement Biometric Residence Permit.

As part of the application process you need to ensure you provide your passport, police report (translated into English) as evidence that your BRP has been reported as lost or stolen.

Important note: Once you have used the single entry visa to enter the UK, you will need to contact us and inform us.

In addition to this you also need to apply for a BRP Replacement within 1 month of your return to the UK, failure to do this may result in a financial penalty of up to £1000 or curtailment of leave to remain.

Visa stamped into passport

Please try and keep important documents like your passport and BRP safe whilst travelling abroad. However in the unlikely event that this goes missing please do not panic! You can contact us and also do the following:

  1. Report the loss of your passport to the Police and obtain a Police report (translated into English);
  2. Report the loss of your passport to your country’s embassy to get a replacement passport;                            
  3. If your Immigration permission (visa) was in a form of a vignette (a yellow sticker) in your passport and you need to return to the UK, then you will need to make an application for a ‘Vignette Transfer’ online. The current fee for this is £154.

When completing the online form you should select the following:

                  Reason for visit: Other

                  Visa Type: Others

                  Visa Sub Type: Vignette transfer

You do not need to provide a CAS number or evidence of funds, qualifications etc. (unless requested by UKVI to show no change of circumstances) However, you will need to submit a letter confirming you are studying at the University of Birmingham, along with a photocopy of your evidence of leave and your police report.

You will need to enrol your biometrics again as part of the application.

Further Information

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