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Term Time Address
This week, reminder emails will be sent out to students who we don’t have information for concerning their term time address information in the online registration portal.

This is required by the university for the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and it’s important that you update your information.

It’s important to complete this, even if you live at home. By term time address we mean your main residence during term time. We need you to enter this as a ‘Term time’ address even if you have provided this address as your ‘Home’ or ‘Temporary’ address. It’s important you provide this as soon as possible.

You can access the online registration portal by following this link. Access the registration portal.

Once inside the portal, click ‘Update Addresses and Telephone Numbers’ where you can enter your address.

  • Underneath the information text you will see a 'Find UK Address' box.
    To use this you will need the postcode and the first line of your term-time address. If you are unsure what your postcode is you can look this up on the Royal Mail website.
  • When you click 'Find UK Address' you will be asked to confirm that this is the address you wish to insert.
  • When you click 'Accept Address' this will populate the address fields.

It’s important you also indicate when this address is valid from and until when.

Still having trouble? Is your term time address outside the UK? Find out more here. Term-time address help.


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