Be part of this year's EDI Festival

In partnership with the University of Amsterdam, the University are hosting a festival dedicated to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion across both universities and beyond. Running from the 19 February until 15 March, join us in events both online and in-person.

Representation matters 

When was the last time you saw yourself represented in a piece of media? Was it a character who looks like you, who shares traits with you or maybe someone that has gone through similar life experiences? Was it in a book, a film, a television show, or something else entirely?  

The Student EDI team would love to hear your thoughts on what it means to you to see yourself reflected in media and showcase your story as part of our EDI Festival. Find out more.

Leave a message 

A priority of the EDI Festival is to celebrate our multicultural university community whilst focusing on tackling the challenges that EDI still faces.  

One way that we want to celebrate everyone, and the multiculturalism of our UoB community is through an interactive Post-It sticker initiative where we’re asking students to share a message which will be displayed on different buildings around campus. Share your thoughts


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