Representation Matters (Now You See Me!) Exhibition


When was the first time you saw yourself represented in a piece of media? What does ‘representation’ mean to you? Was it a character who looks like you, who shares traits with you or maybe someone that has gone through similar life experiences? Was it in a book, a film, a comic, a television show or something else entirely? The Student EDI team would love to hear your thoughts on what it means to you to see yourself reflected in media and showcase your stories as part of our EDI Festival. 


Date: 22 February 2024

Location: Main Library 

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This survey is open to all University of Birmingham students, alumni and staff.

PLEASE NOTE: Selected submissions will be exhibited in the main foyer of University of Birmingham Library on the 22nd February from 12:30 until 5pm. All entries will be displayed in a digital catalogue on the University of Birmingham Intranet.

All entries will also be entered into a raffle and one winner will receive a £25 Amazon Gift Voucher. The deadline is Sunday 18 February.


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