Post-It Wall Initiative - EDI Festival


As part of the EDI Festival, there are various events happening on campus and online for a period of 2 weeks. The aim of this Festival is to celebrate our multicultural university community whilst focusing on acknowledging and tackling the challenges that EDI still faces. We want to celebrate everyone, and their journeys and we want to help each other grow personally by becoming a citizen of the diverse community that is our University.


Date: 20, 21 and 22 February

Location: Main Library and online

Share your thoughts...

Participate in this thought-provoking discussion on various Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) topics, facilitated by interactive post-it stickers placed on the walls of different buildings on the University of Birmingham campus.


This event aims to gather community insights on various topics using a "keep", "start", "stop" framework, encouraging personal reflection to highlight our collective strength at Birmingham.


We invite you to think about three aspects of EDI: the first to “Throw” meaning to stop doing, one to “Keep”, to continue in the same direction and one to “Start”. For instance:


- Throw: "I am going to make a fool of myself when public speaking."

- Keep: "I know this topic; I can do this."

- Start: "Practice speaking in front of close friends and family first."


Now it's your turn! Share your thoughts on these three aspects of EDI below.


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