Ukrainian Voices and Discussion Session

Ukrainian Voices

Hear from a world leading panel of experts and a screening of the award-winning film ‘Golos: Ukrainian Voices’.

In view of the ongoing situation in Ukraine, there will be an event hosted by the departments of Modern Languages and Film and Creative Writing. This will consist of a round table discussion, led by world leading experts Kataryna Wolczuk (University of Birmingham), Bettina Renz (University of Nottingham), and Sarah Whitmore (Oxford Brookes University). The discussion will explore the current events, as well as recent Ukrainian history, politics, and society.

The round table session will then be followed by a screening of the documentary Golos: Ukrainian Voices, introduced and presented by the filmmaker Dolya Gavanski, winner of the London Independent Film Festival 2016. The event will conclude with a Q&A session regarding the film.

Where is the event happening?

The event will take place in The Carroll Room (G15) in Muirhead Tower on 17 March at 5pm.

We understand that these are difficult times for students and staff at the university and those affected by events in Ukraine. Please see our wellbeing pages for more information and support, no matter what you may be experiencing.


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