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Welcome to the Uni+ pilot project. We are working with Ash & Even to deliver enhanced support for new students over the pre-arrival period.

Who are Ash & Even?

Ash & Even are experienced in working with new students, supporting their journey to university. As graduates of the University of Birmingham, the team are well placed to understand student life in Birmingham! We have chosen to work with Ash & Even due to their exciting programme of support, and their knowledge and experience of the University and the city.

What is on offer?

If you are offered a place on the pilot programme, you will have access to a community of new international students supported by Ash & Even's student ambassadors. You can chat, make friends, and find out more about student life in Birmingham.

You will also have access to bespoke weekly webinars helping you prepare for life at the University of Birmingham, with topics including X and Y.

The webinars


Who is the programme for?

The pilot programme is being offered to 50 new international students joining us from India. Places are limited, and if oversubscribed, will be offered via a ballot.

What do I need to do?

If you receive a place on the pilot programme, we will ask you to complete a survey before and afterwards, to help us understand how the programme has supported you in starting University. Once on the programme, we ask that you engage with the online community and take part in the webinars. The programme is free-of-charge to take part in.


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