Promotion of the National Student Survey (NSS) in the College of Arts and Law

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to find out more about the NSS.  Where can I find answers to my questions?

Questions and Answers for students about the NSS are online

Who will be promoting the NSS?

Ipsos MORI promote the survey to all universities.  They will contact you by phone and by email in line with a set schedule starting in early February.  Once you fill in the survey, Ipsos MORI will stop contacting you.  During the survey window, the University, your College and your School will also contact you with reminders to complete the survey.

Why does the University promote the survey as well as Ipsos MORI?

There are two main reasons.  Firstly, for results to be made public, there are response targets that have to be met. However, more locally, we know that the more feedback we get about satisfaction and the more comments, the better placed we are to make positive changes going forwards for future cohorts. 

How will the College be promoting the NSS?

NSS promotion will be a mixture of on-campus and online in 2022.

As only Ipsos MORI know exactly who has completed the survey, it may be that you are invited to complete the survey more than once.  Your understanding that this may happen and why is appreciated.

How long does the NSS take to complete?

There are core questions to answer and you are also given the opportunity to provide free text comments. There will also be some extra questions at the end about how well you feel the university has done during the pandemic with regard to your teaching and learning and wellbeing.  On average it takes about 10 minutes

When is the best time for me to complete the survey?

This is very personal.  We understand that many students wish to wait until the end of the spring term so that they have experienced a greater proportion of their final year.  Other students may prefer to do the survey early before deadlines are close. 

How do I stop the telephone calls and emails from Ipsos MORI?

You will be contacted by Ipsos MORI particularly at the start of the survey period.  Once you complete the survey, these calls and emails will stop.  Participation in the NSS is voluntary so you can opt out (although we really hope that you will take part and use your voice to be part of positive change in the College). 

At any stage that Ipsos MORI contacts you directly, you can state that you do not wish to be contacted again.  There is also an opt out link online at the bottom right of the student survey webpage.

I have a question about NSS which isn’t answered here or online.  What should I do?

Please send the Student Experience team an email ( and we’ll come back to you with an answer.


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