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The College of Arts and Law is committed to supporting you during your journey to university, during your time here as a student, and beyond. Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate, our dedicated Student Experience Team provides a wide range of activities and initiatives designed to enhance and enrich the university experience for students across the College.

Student welcome and transition

Student community

Look out for newsletters, emails and social media posts from your Student Experience Officer about what’s going on in your School.

Student Voice

Find out about how to volunteer to be a student rep

If you have feedback about something academic-related, you should talk to the student reps for your programme who will then raise it at the next Staff Student Forum.  If you have an idea for something new (e.g. an event or an activity), then do get in touch with your Student Experience Officer.

Find out about why your feedback matters


The Student Experience team communicate with students in a variety of ways: newsletters, emails, School Canvas pages, the Insider’s Guide Canvas resources (for UGs and PGTs), social media and via posters.

Academic Enrichment

  • Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

The College was proud to launch the College of Arts and Law inclusivity project with the event ‘Pride not Prejudice’ in September 2019.  We have since had seven further ‘Pride not Prejudice’ events.  The next event will take place in November 2022.

During Welcome, we run community socials for students by identity (e.g. commuter, LGBTQ+, etc) to help students meet each other.

More projects are to follow as the year progresses.  Interested in getting involved?  Please email

Schools also run focus groups looking at the experience and perspectives of students from various backgrounds.  If you would like to express your interest in participating, please contact your Student Experience Officer. 

Resources and Services


Academic Writing Advisory Service

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Welcome and transition