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Heritage & culture

The heritage sector, including archaeology, archives, arts admin and auction houses


The languages sector, including translation & interpretation

Legal services

The legal services sector, including training routes for solicitors and barristers

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Watch, read & listen to career stories from students and graduates.

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Taiwo Abiola

Taiwo Abiola, a BA Modern Languages 2022 graduate who took part in the 10K Black Interns programme.

Tamar Hope Smith case study

Tamar is working as an Online Enabler for the Lichfield Diocese in the Church of England and studied BA Eng Literature and Philosophy in 2017.

Taron Nijjar

Story from Taron Nijjar, an Associate Management Consultant at PwC. Taron completed an MSc by Research - School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences and graduated in 2021.

Themis Cheung

Video story from Themis Cheung, a Business Management with Communications graduate who took part in Careers Network Mentoring Scheme in 2017.

Thomas Thorne

Audio story from Thomas Thorne, a Medicine student who took part in the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme in 2022. Tom was mentored by Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen.

Tom Rusbridge

Video story from Tom Rusbridge, who graduated in 2020 with a PhD in History - research into 18th Century Leathercraft. Tom now works as a Research Staff Development Consultant at King's College London.

Tommy Siddall

Story from Tommy Siddall, a final year BSc Medical Biochemistry student who took part in the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme. Tommy was mentored by Dr Sam Decombel, the founder of FitnessGenes.
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