Exam rules and regulations

Exam rules

  • You must not have in your possession, or access to, any non-permitted items,during the exam, whether or not they have been used, or were unintentionally or intentionally retained. Such items include:
    • Communication devices, including mobile phones, smart watches (such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung Galaxy Watch) or other electronic, mobile, technical or computing equipment capable of accessing the internet, email and/or storing data including notes and photographs;
      • Please note that for Computer-based exams, you will need your Mobile Phone for the purposesof Multi-Factor Authentication. Once logged in, you will be required to place your phone out of reach as directed by the Invigilators in the venue.
    • All papers, including blank paper
    • Notes
    • Textbooks (unless permitted by the rubric)
    • Headphones, earphones or earplugs
    • Bags
    • Coats, jackets, bodywarmers/gilets, and hats/caps with the exception of religious headwear
    • Correctional/removal fluid or tape.

  • You must not communicate or attempt to communicate with anyone (except the invigilators) inside or outside the exam venue during the exam.
  • You must not copy or attempt to copy from another student's work
  • You must not be involved in any arrangement whereby another party undertakes the assessment on your behalf
  • You must not obtain or access, or attempt to obtain or access, an unseen asessment, except where this has been expressly agreed with the Principal Academic Unit
  • You must not cause a disturbance or disruption (including if your mobile phone rings during an exam)
  • All containers, including pencil cases or boxes, spectacle cases or drinks containers must be transparent and should not contain any notes or other non-permitted materials
  • If you are permitted to use a dictionary (according to the examination rubric), this must be a standard paper, non-technical, un-annotated and un-marked dictionary. 
  • Any material required for an exam will be provided in the hall. (If you are permitted to take books, notes or other material into an exam hall you will be informed by your Department, and the rubric on the question paper.)
  • You are not permitted to use any answer book, writing paper or graph paper other than that supplied in the exam venue
  • You are not permitted to bring scrap or blank pieces of paper for making notes into the exam room; there is a space available in the answer book (the blank left-hand pages) for you to make any necessary notes during the exam.
  • No part of an answer book should be torn out and all answer books and other material supplied in the exam room should be left behind on your desk at the end of the exam. Please do not attempt to remove any answer books or question papers from the exam room.
  • Answers must be all your own work and where other material is quoted, you should state the source(s) from which it is derived.
  • You may not leave the exam room during the first half hour or during the final ten minutes of your exam. You will be notified by the Senior Invigilator when there are ten minutes remaining. You are not allowed to leave the exam for any reason without permission.
  • Unauthorised materials (such as mobile phones, smartwatches, revision notes, books and data tables) should not be brought into the exam venue. If you are in possession of any unauthorised material this should be placed in your bag or coat in the designated area, indicated by the Invigilators. Students found in possession of such material during an exam will be referred to Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals for a disciplinary investigation. 
  • If any unauthorised materials are confiscated (including mobile phones and smartwatches) it will be retained until such time that it can be checked that it does not hold or has not been used to access unauthorised material.

Further information

If your examinations/assessments are to be taken online, you should read our additional guidance for taking online examinations and assessments.

Exam regulations and codes of practice

For further information about the University's exam rules please see:

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