Unpermitted items

There are a number of items that you cannot use in your exam. If you bring them to your exam you must leave them in the designated area. Please ensure any electronic devices are switched off.

Unpermitted items include:

  • Mobile phones (except for Computer-based exams, where this will be need for Multi-Factor Authentication before starting the exam). 
  • Smartwatches.
  • Other electronic devices, such as laptops,  electronic personal organisers, electronic dictionaries, radios and personal audio equipment 
  • Headphones, earphones or earplugs
  • Outerwear, including coats, jackets, scarfs and hats (other than religious headwear) - please ensure you dress according to the weather, so you do not get to cold or hot in your exam.
  • Notes - including post-it notes, highlighted text and annotations.
  • Blank paper.
  • Pencils cases, unless they are transparent.
  • Water bottles, unless they are clear and have no label.
  • Any non-transparent containers, including glasses cases.
  • Correction tape/fluids and correction pens.
  • Sellotape.
  • Textbooks (unless otherwise stated on your exam paper).
  • Calculators (unless otherwise stated on your exam paper).
  • Dictionaries (unless you are permitted through the dictionary authorisation procedure).

View our 'What to bring to your exam' intranet page for information about what you can take into your exam and for advice on using calculators and dictionaries

If your examinations/assessments are to be taken online, you should read our additional guidance for taking online examinations and assessments.


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