What to bring to your exam

Remember to bring the following items to your exam. There are also some items that you cannot bring; please read the Exam Rules intranet page for more information.

Student ID Card

Please bring your student ID card to each exam as you will need to display it on your exam desk. If you do not have your ID card, you will be reported to the exam office and will need to stay behind after the exam to verify your identity.

If your student ID card has been accidently damaged or the photo has worn away please visit the Student Hub to get it replaced free of charge. You must return the damaged card when you request a free replacement.

If you have lost your Student ID card, please visit the Student Hub or the University’s online shop to purchase a replacement one. Replacement ID cards cost £10.

The Student Hub is in the Aston Webb building (R6 on the Edgbaston Campus map).


Please bring your own stationery to the exam in a clear pencil case or bag. Ensure you have removed any notes or unpermitted materials. All pencil cases will be checked by the Exam Invigilators.

The use of sellotape, correction tap/fluids or correction pens is not permitted in the exam.

Exam timetable

We strongly advise you to bring a printed copy of your final exam timetable to you exam, as this will usually have your seat number on it. The timetable will help the exam invigilators quickly resolve any queries.

Calculators (if permitted)

Calculators can only be used in an exam if the rubric of your exam paper says that they are permitted. Check with your tutor if you are unsure.

When calculators are permitted, you must ensure that your calculator:

  • Has a numeric function only. Calculators with an alphabetic display of stored data (including text, equations or alphabetic formulae) are not permitted. You are also not permitted to use the calculator function on an electronic personal organiser or a mobile phone.
  • Does not have an external means of programming.
  • Is silent, so it does not disturb other students during the exam.

Dictionaries (if permitted)

If your first language is not English, you may be permitted to use a dictionary during your exam.

You can use a dictionary as long as:

  • The rubric on the exam paper does not forbid the use of dictionaries.
  • You fill out a Dictionary Approval Letter (PDF - 30KB) and bring it to your exam.
  • It has no annotations, highlighted areas or page-markers.
  • It is only English or English and your first language.
  • It provides a conventional translation of words and their definitions.
  • It has no additional material, such as a thesaurus, synonyms, images, graphs, lists of countries, or measurements.
  • It is not a technical, encyclopaedic, or electronic dictionary.

If you are sitting a language exam, you can only use a dictionary if it is being used as an intermediate step. For example, a native French speaker completing a Spanish exam is permitted to have a French/English dictionary.

Please check with your tutor if you are unsure.  

Other items you can bring

  • Water in a clear bottle with the label removed.
  • Snacks in a clear container that will not disturb other students.
  • Tissues (loose or in clear packaging).


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