Permanent withdrawal

Information about what to do if you wish to voluntarily withdraw from the University can be found below.

Due to the current restricted campus operations, applications for withdrawal should be sent electronically. Forms should not be sent by post during this period. 

Consequences of permanent withdrawal

Permanently withdrawing from your studies means that you have decided to stop studying at the university and that you have no intention of returning to continue your programme of study in the future. Withdrawing from the University will have financial and visa implications.

Tuition Fee Liability

The Tuition Fee Liability web-page provides information about the University’s Fee Liability Policy for students who withdraw or take leave of absence. Please consult this page for information about the fee you will be charged.

Discussing your choice

If you are considering withdrawing permanently from the university, you are strongly advised to meet with your Personal Tutor for advice and guidance before making a final decision. Your home department will be required to confirm your last date of engagement and provide a signature to authorise the date included on the form.


Completed forms which have been signed by both the School and Student should be returned to: for taught related programmes

If you are a Post Graduate Reserach Student (PGR), please see the withdrawal webpages pages for PGR 

What happens next?

Once your record has been updated you will receive confirmation to the email address you provided. Notification will also be sent to Housing and Accommodation Services (for students in University accommodation only), the Finance Office and to your Local Education Authority (LEA) if applicable.

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