Timetabling and Space Management Policy

Below is the Timetabling policy and procedures 2024/25. This policy is reviewed and agreed annually by University Education Committee, with operational oversight through the Academic Planning and Timetabling Board, both chaired by the PVC Education.

Timetabling and Space Management Policy (docx, 151kb)


This document is intended to increase awareness and shared understanding of:

  • Timetabling and space management policy and practices
  • Constraints on timetabling and space allocation
  • Changes to policy and practices arising from, or required to facilitate, the Integrated Timetabling and Space Management Project (ITSMP)
  • Roles and responsibilities relating to timetabling and space management
  • Terminology and vocabulary relating to timetabling and space related processes


This document outlines University policy, procedures, roles and responsibilities in relation to the following areas of activity:

  • Production of the University teaching timetable
  • Allocation of teaching space to teaching and non-teaching events
  • Management and support of teaching space
  • Provision and quality of teaching space


The guiding principles of the policy are to:

  • Ensure that timetabling and teaching space at the University are managed in a way that effectively supports University learning and teaching
  • Support the move to a more unified approach to timetabling and space management
  • Provide guidance to all staff involved in the production of the University's timetable and the management of teaching space
  • Support the principles of the Learning Spaces Strategy, ensuring that learning environments are appropriate, sustainable, innovative, and supported by high quality management and services
  • Optimise the utilisation of University teaching space
  • Ensure that both students and staff are provided with a distinctive, high quality learning environment


The policy will be reviewed annually, however if you have any comments or queries at any time please contact Rhia Malik, Assistant Director (Timetabling and Examinations): r.malik.3@bham.ac.uk



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