Personal timetables for students

Start here, if you want information and advice on viewing your personal lecture timetables.

How to find my timetable

The main way you are able to access your personal timetable is via the MyUoB app.

Watch our video for further information on accessing your timetable via the app and discover other improvements we've made to the app.

If you cannot access the mobile app or need to view it on a bigger screen then you can do so using the MyUoB web app

You can also view your timetable via Web Timetables.

Term dates 2023-24

Term dates table
Semester 1 2023  25 September 2023 -  12 January 2024
Semester 2 2024  15 January 2024 -  21 June 2024

For dates further into the future, please see the main university term dates page.

University teaching day

Standard University teaching day*
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  0900-1900
Wednesday  0900-1300
 Friday  0900-1800
*Some courses teaching may have teaching scheduled on Wednesday afternoons (for example some postgraduate courses).

Access for disabled students and staff

If you have any mobility difficulties or particular equipment needs, please contact the Disability, Mental Health and Learning Support service for advice.

Issues with my timetable

Technical Issues

If you experience any technical issues with Web Timetables or the UoB app please contact the IT Service Desk via phone (0121 414 7171) or the web.

Examples of this could be,

  • You are unable to log into web timetables or the UoB app
  • You are receiving an error message
  • The app or web page is not loading

Timetable issues

If you experience any non-technical issues with your personal timetables please contact your School Office.

Examples of this could be,

  • You are not seeing all of your lessons in your timetable for a module.
  • You believe you should be on different lessons to ones shown on your timetable.
  • You would like to request a change to your timetable.


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