Emergencies and security

What to do and who can help you in an emergency

In the event of an emergency Security Services should be informed. Find out who to contact in each situation.

Contact Security in non-emergencies

Security can help you with issues of safety and access to campus buildings.

  • Non-emergency number: 0121 414 3000      
  • Location: between Aston Webb ‘B’ Block and the Great Hall (R5)

Further security information

Find out what Security Services provide at the University and learn how to keep yourself and your possessions safe through the UB Safe on campus videos.

Callmy App

The University has invested in a new security App to help keep staff, students and visitors safer on campus and beyond.Callmy is an app-based mass notification system that you can download onto your mobile device, which will allow you, in the event of an emergency, to receive critical information from the University in a timely, efficient and secure way.

How can I download it?
Go to the app store for your mobile device and look for Callmy. It’s available on Android, Apple iOS and Windows.