UoB Introduces New Tyre Recycling Scheme

Tyre and inner tube recycling at Urban Cycles

Cycling is a sustainable travel solution for students and staff, and one the University fully supports. But what happens to worn out or punctured tyres and inner tubes?

In the past, these items have been disposed of as general waste.

Since October 2019, an innovative recycling scheme is transforming this waste into something valuable: safe surfaces for children’s playgrounds and sporting activities.

Bicycle tyres and inner tubes 

Environmental Services have partnered with First Mile Recycling and the Urban Cycles repair pod on Staff House Plaza. This ground-breaking scheme collects bicycle tyres and inner tubes. These are then sent for shredding by tyre recycling company Endurmeta, and repurposed by Safersurfacing.

Formula 3 racing slicks

F3 car

Mechanical Engineering’s Formula 3 racing team, UBRacing, also produces 48 waste tyres per year due to wear.
These too are being recycled under the new scheme. This saves on disposal costs as well as reducing emissions from incineration, and repurposing an otherwise waste material.

How can I get involved?

If your bicycle tyre or inner tube needs replacing, Urban Cycles offers a convenient and friendly service, right here on campus. If you have old tyres or tubes to dispose of, just drop them in to Ros or Andi to send them into the recycling scheme.


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