2013 OSCARS results

The award categories and winners for 2013

The 2013 OSCARS ceremony was on Friday April 12th 2013. The quality of the nominations was so high that each category had a "highly commended" result, as well as a winner:

  • Best Customer Experience Award
    Highly commended: Else Wileman
    Winner: Kerrie Lawrence
  • Role Model Award
    Highly commended: Jon Barton
    Winner: Jill Hickey

  • Achievement of the Year Award
    Highly commended: Javed Rehman
    Winner: World Squash Team

  • Leader of the Year Award
    Highly commended: Colin Thompson
    Winner: Stuart Burridge

  • Team of the Year Award
    Highly commended: Costa Bramall
    Winner: Worklink

  • New Ideas Award
    Highly commended: Robert Parkinson
    Winner: Glen O'Donovon

  • HAS Support of the Year Award (not a HAS staff member of staff)
    Highly commended: Phil Boardman
    Winner: Mike Gosling and Pete Ashton
  • Directors Newcomer of the Year: Tracy Murphy
  • Directors Team of the Year: Bramall Operations: Aaron Croston, Chris Stephens, Martin Hewitt-Moran
  • Directors Award: Mark Innes

All of the photos from the event are available on the venuebirmingham Flickr page.

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