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Wherever you start your journey to campus, you can take a more sustainable transport mode to get here, and the benefits abound. Active travel boosts physical and mental health; discounts and schemes save you money; and it is all good for our city and world.


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Commuting is a choice we make every day. For something so routine and intermediary, our daily travel has enormous consequences on our health, our time and money, and the world we live in. Since 2008, it has been a university priority for staff and students to be 'smart movers' and choose sustainable transport to come to campus. That's because solo car jouneys contribute every day to our collective greenhouse gas emissions. It's also because the sustainable alternatives advantage our wellbeing, wallets and world:

We make choices based on realistic options. That's why the university-wide travel survey is at the heart of the sustainable travel plan. Understanding why staff and students make the transport choices they do, helps devise measures to make sustainable transport more attractive. The hire-bike scheme popular with international and exchange students and the 25% discount on monthly staff bus passes are just two examples.

The travel plan has had great successes since inception. Solo car driving dropped five percentage points 2008-2018, staff cycling is more than the double national average, and 2/3 of undergraduates walk or cycle to study. Like these members of our community, will you be a smart mover too?


For information, queries or advice on sustainable travel please contact Edward Shelley, the University's sustainable travel officer, by emailing


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